The Many Achievements of Black Americans in IT

Black American

Amid the injustices going on in our world, we believe it’s important to speak up for Black Americans everywhere. As an organization that actively condemns racism and oppression of people of color, we’d like to take this moment to call attention to the many trailblazing advancements made by Black Americans, particularly in the Information Technology space.

Technological advancements impact how we do everything – from how we pay our bills to how we access entertainment, which means that the exceptional accomplishments of those within the IT space have the ability to shape our world. Below is just a peek into the many Black Americans that have shaped our world for the better.

Jessica Matthews, Uncharted Power

At the ripe age of 22, Matthews created SOCCKET, a soccer ball that produced kinetic energy during play. This energy could be used to power a lamp, a call phone, any many other devices. Her invention allowed for African countries with limited access to electricity to still harness kinetic energy to power devices during sporadic blackouts.

Matthews now serves as CEO as Uncharted Power, “an energy and data technology firm that produces infrastructure solutions for communities, facilities, and the Internet of Things (IoT).” Uncharted Power has developed several kinetic energy-generating vehicles and more that serve major corporations and government entities located in African countries. Matthews work has catapulted the ability for many countries to access renewable energy. For this work and more, Matthews was named Black Enterprise Innovator of the Year in 2013.

Corey E. Thomas, Rapid7

Thomas holds the titles of President and CEO of Rapid7, which is a go-to for many companies looking to detect, deter and prevent cyberattacks. The platform ingests data from a company’s entire networking environment to allow for monitoring of potential weaknesses and threats. Thomas has successfully positioned Rapid7, and cybersecurity altogether, as something that companies need to prioritize, rather than allow to be an afterthought. Thomas has secured contracts for Rapid7’s cybersecurity services for major corporations, like Microsoft, Macy’s, Netflix, and many more.

Charley Moore, Rocket Lawyer

Moore, a former internet law and business attorney for a high-powered Silicon Valley law firm, noticed that many small businesses needed and desired legal advice from professionals, but lacked the budget to hire a lawyer. That’s when Moore created Rocket Lawyer, an online platform for those seeking affordable legal advice. They can help with pretty much any legal need, from creating legal documents, like non-disclosures, living wills, and lease agreements, to starting a business. Moore even had an “Ask a Lawyer” feature created that allows everyday users to get in contact with a lawyer when they have questions.

Moore’s work has transformed what it means to be a small business owner in the United States, allowing entrepreneurs access to the legal advice they need to establish, grow, and nurture their businesses.

Charles E. Phillips, Infor Inc.

Phillips serves as CEO of Infor Inc., a multi-national enterprise software company, headquartered in New York City, United States. He’s lead Infor Inc. to it’s most profitable state, doubling the company’s revenue to $2.7 billion since 2010.  This is the first major software company to offer an integrated, end-to-end application suite for entire industries – making them the true leaders in their space. Phillips has been named one of the Most Powerful Executives in Corporate America by Black Enterprise and has spent his professional years transforming technology companies into the powerhouses they are now.

This list could go one for miles, as there is no shortage of intelligent and hardworking Black Americans in our world. At PSSC Labs, we’re happy to celebrate the many accomplishments of Black Americans in the IT space, as their work, expertise, and intelligence dramatically shapes and betters our world each day.

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