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PSSC Labs’ AI platforms are purpose-built for easy deployment

HPC systems need to be able to handle simulation, massive converged modeling, AI, and analytics workloads. The demands of your research or business call for ever-increasing time-to-value. And we get it – you’re working at the edge of scientific discovery and innovation so time lost can impact everything from human safety to quality of life to your bottom line. The problems you’re asking your data to help solve are increasingly more complex and urgent. Answering to these problems demands that your entire IT infrastructure is integrated – hardware, software, and governance. Enter our HPC and artificial intelligence server. 

With PSSC Labs’ family of HPC systems, we will work with you to build your AI-ready system – purpose-built for your needs and production ready. When you put our artificial intelligence server to use, there’s no telling what your organization might discover.

“Overall I am extremely happy with PSSC Labs. Their products perform as promised, their software is easy to use, their support is responsive and knowledgeable and they are easy people to work with.”
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Viren Jain
Ph.D., MIT

Machine Learning vs. Deep Learning​

Same? Different? What’s the deal?

There are hundreds of papers and blog posts that offer up an answer to this question – many of them accurate. We found the following explanation to be the most concise and frankly, still an entertaining read.


Article: A simple way to understand machine learning vs deep learning

Our Artificial Intelligence Server - Architected and made for your needs

With the latest GPU technology

PowerWulf HPC Cluster

Key Features

  • Scale to Tens of Thousands of Compute Cores
  • Integrate Advanced FPGA & GPU Technologies for AI & Machine Learning
  • Factory Installation of All Necessary Hardware, Software & Networking Components
  • Complete Cluster Management Toolkit for Simple Operation, Monitoring & Management
HPC Server

Key Features

  • Dual Intel® Xeon® Processor Support
    Up to 1.5 TB DDR ECC Registered Memory Support
  • Nvidia® and AMD® GPU Support
  • Intel® Optane DC Persistent Memory Support
  • Enterprise Grade Components
  • 10G/100G/200G Network
CloudOOP Rax Image

Key Features

  • Certified compatible with Cloudera, Hortonworks, and MapR
  • Scales from 100TB to 100+PB
  • Significant capital expenditure and operating expense reduction
  • Double the density
  • 35% lower power draw

Contact one of our Solutions Architects today so we can discuss your vision and how to achieve it.

Paul Green

Paul Green
Solutions Architect

Contact one of our Solutions Architects today so we can discuss your vision and how to achieve it.

Alex Lesser

Alex Lesser
Solutions Architect