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Our proven three-step consultative process ensures your successful, high performance deployment is both on time and on budget. Discovery, Intelligent Design and Delivered Expertise are the pillars of our 25+ year success working with thousands of the world’s most demanding clients. Our only goal is your complete satisfaction. 

So let’s talk. Schedule some time with one of our Solution Architects to discuss your ideas.

Our first step is listening and learning about your goals and required deliverables, the nature and scope of your data needs, as well as other aspects of your operations. This consultative approach is critical to ensuring a successful deployment.
Intelligent Design
Deploying any compute-intensive platform represents a meaningful investment. The best systems are always greater than the sum of their parts. We invite you leverage our 25+ years experience and expertise in extreme-scale computing.
Delivered Expertise
The result of our painstaking, multistep process is a platform ready to run on delivery. Once that system is delivered we continue to offer complete support for management, maintenance, and upgrades. Focus on your work, we’ll handle the rest.

Contact one of our Solutions Architects today so we can discuss your vision and how to achieve it.

Alex Lesser

Alex Lesser
Solutions Architect

Designed and built for you

Through your data’s lifecycle

We believe data has a lifecycle within your organization.  And that lifecycle is consistent across all organizations. Data move through three stages: CAPTURE & STORE, COMPUTATION / ACTIVE USE, and VISUALIZATION
Understanding these different stages helps inform our recommendation on hardware architecture and components. We are specifically interested in understanding:
  1. What types of data you use and how you capture it.
  2. The nature and scope of the analytics and other processes you demand of your data.
  3. How you need to visualize or otherwise communicate your findings.
PSSC Labs takes the time to fully understand your work and, more importantly, your data workflow.

Committed to excellence

Support done right

Our commitment to you is that no matter what you need, you’ll always know who to contact. We call this our SINGLE POINT OF CONTACT PROMISE. Our support engineers will know you on a first-name basis and respond promptly and knowledgeably to any and all support tickets.
We’ve worked with thousands of clients across a variety of industries. In that time, we’ve supported all manners of support questions ranging from simple hardware upgrades to complex application debugging, scheduler and performance related issues.  We are not going to run from a hard problem. Our commitment is to keep your system operating at peak performance and efficiency.
“I've been in this field for 10 years and have dealt with purchasing from IBM/HP/Dell/Supermicro and this is the first time I've ever recommended a server brand. The product is great and the family that runs the business is great. Thanks for making it painless on us.”
Swavyk Borys
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