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There are few industries whose researchers and practitioners have more direct impact on our society than this one – here in the U.S. as well as around the world. From Agriculture and Atmospheric Science, to Hydrology, Marine Biology, and Seismology – we know that the high-performance systems we design and build have to support critical work.

More than ensuring you are operating on systems with the best technology, we dedicate our resources to providing you with the industry’s most knowledgeable engineers and systems support technicians.

Your work in these fields ensures we maintain and improve our food and water supplies, protect our communities from natural disasters, and equip the energy industry with the insights needed to power our lives.

Much of your work requires heavy-lifting when it comes to your computing needs. PSSC Labs is dedicated to supporting your work from planning to operations. We maintain this focus because we don’t want you spending your time worried about your computing systems or whether you’ll go over budget or miss a deadline.

Our family of high-performing systems – from database and storage solutions to custom-built HPC clusters – are designed with your work in mind. With on-premises solution from PSSC Labs, you have the control you need to deliver consistent, efficient, and on-time results. 

What our customers say

“Our new cluster is about 15-20 times more powerful than our previous cluster. In other words, computation that previously took two and half weeks can now be done in a day.”​
Yang Shen
Professor, School of Oceanography, University of Rhode Island
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Satisfied Clients

U.S. Department of Agriculture
SC Edison
U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
Atmospheric Data Solutions LLC (ADS)
University of Dayton
University of Rhode Island

Connecting you with answers. Powerful solutions custom made and architected for your computing needs. On time. On demand. On budget.

We are skilled architects of HPC, AI and Big Data workflows.

Our 25+ years of knowledge and experience help design bespoke computers for your specific needs. Our machines are used around the world and are custom for a reason. They provide the absolute best performance and reliability per your budget.

  • On-premise technology custom made for you.
  • You own it. You control it.
  • Dollar for dollar the absolute best performance & reliability.
  • Security on your terms, you hold the key
  • Personal service when you need it – no bots here.
"I will continue to recommend PSSC as our HPC provider. I think there is great benefit to working with a single vendor during the lifetime of a cluster and in the end time, frustration, and costs are usually minimized."
Michael Acierno
IT/IS Manager, Carnegie Institute of Science
  • Designed and engineered in California. Sold and supported worldwide.

    We are honored to work with the world’s most innovative companies solving the problems that will shape tomorrow.  Please connect with us to see how we can engineer a solution just for you.

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