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PSSC Labs Support: Available experts, ready to help.

Knowledgeable, responsive and professional. The PSSC Labs support team provides deep expertise about delivered system and your data’s workflow – from simple hardware upgrades to complex application debugging, scheduler and performance related issues. We are not going to run from even the hardest of problems.
Our commitment to you is that no matter what you need, you’ll always know who to call. This is our SINGLE POINT OF CONTACT PROMISE. No more frustrating hand offs from one support engineer to the next. We offer confidence and control by making sure the engineer who installed and tested your system is assigned to your support team. First-name basis. First-class support. 

Accessing PSSC Labs Support is Easy-Peasy 

Support tickets or questions – just scroll down, tell us who you are and what you need. Someone from the PSSC Labs support team will get back to you ASAP. Our goal is to respond within three hours – but we’re not Bots following protocol. We’re normal people with a borderline obsessed passion for our customers’ success.
We respond on a first-come, first-served basis, of course…but sometimes take the opportunity to follow up on high-impact customer needs. We hope emergency situations never come up – but if they do, we respond accordingly.

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If you do not hear from a Support Technician within 24 hours please contact PSSC Labs at 949-380-7288.


  1. If you already have an open support ticket, please reply to your ticket email instead of using this form.
  2. When creating a new ticket, please be as descriptive as possible so we can better assist you.
  3. The Serial Number can be found on the back of your server or component. If you’re asking about a Cluster please enter the Serial Number on the Head Node only.

Locating Your Serial Number

The PSSC Labs support team is here to help you through troubleshooting your hardware and software related issues, but we will need to know a little bit about your computer in order to be truly effective. To help us with this, please locate your PSSC Labs serial # and have it available when contacting the support team. The serial # will quickly provide us with the hardware and software configuration, as well as any relevant warranty information. The PSSC Labs Serial # is 6-digits and will start with a 3. For example: 379884

The first method to use when looking for the Serial # is to see if it is hard coded into the machines DMI. To determine this, run “dmidecode -t 1 | grep Serial”, which should output a Serial #. If the Serial # is not programmed into the DMI, you will need to locate the Serial # physically on the machine chassis itself.

Depending on the type of PSSC Labs computer you have, the Serial # may be in a few different locations. For most 1U rackmounted chassis we provide, the Serial # will be placed on a screw-on tab on the front-left of the machine. Simply unscrew the thumbscrew and pull the tab out to reveal a label with the Serial # on it. For most 2U and larger rackmounted machines, as well as desktop PowerStations, the label with the Serial # is usually easily located on the rear of the machine.

If you are having difficulty locating the Serial #, please let us know first thing when contacting support so we can assist you with locating it.


Tech Support Tips

Our Support Engineers are always here to support you throughout the lifetime of your system. We have made many videos to help you should you encounter any issues with our solutions, which admittedly, does not happen very often. Just click on the video to access our Tech Support Tips channel!