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If you can dream it, we can build it

Have you ever wanted to have your own manufacturing shop where you could bring your apps to life? With our Partnershop program you now have access to 25+ years experience designing, building, deploying and supporting real world high performance computing and big data storage equipment worldwide. Discovery, Intelligent Design and Delivered Expertise are the pillars of our 25+ year success working with partners to successfully deliver truly turn-key OEM platform solutions.

So let’s talk. Schedule some time with one of our Solution Architects to discuss your ideas.

Our first step is listening and learning about your goals and required deliverables, the nature and scope of your data needs, as well as other aspects of your operations. This consultative approach is critical to ensuring a successful deployment.
Intelligent Design
Deploying any compute-intensive platform represents a meaningful investment. The best systems are always greater than the sum of their parts. We invite you leverage our 25+ years experience and expertise in extreme-scale computing.
Delivered Expertise
The result of our painstaking, multistep process is a platform ready to run on delivery. Once that system is delivered we continue to offer complete support for management, maintenance and upgrades. Focus on your work, we’ll handle the rest.

OEM servers, storage & clusters

Projects large and small (and everything in between)

Our Partnershop program is perfect for organizations of any size that are looking to package software applications with Enterprise quality hardware solutions. Partnershop capabilities offer single server deployment capabilities but also go well beyond this in offering complete, turn-key cluster platforms. You will have access to our entire engineering capabilities to customize every necessary component from system hardware, operating system, storage capabilities, network connectivity, etc. No ask is too great for us to consider.

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True partners from start to finish

Follow our lead to see how easy it can be

Our Partnershop program is actively engaging with partners in the life sciences, engineering, gaming and cybersecurity industries. Let us show you how focusing on product quality, ease of deployment and simple maintenance will alleviate any concerns. Our only goal is your success.
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Custom Design
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