Daedalus Enterprise Search Appliance

Unrivaled Performance. Unbelievable Price.

The Daedalus Enterprise Search Appliance is a turnkey, high performance computing platform powered by Elastic and certified compatible with Elastic Cloud Enterprise (ECE), which allows users to centrally manage and monitor their Elasticsearch deployments for use cases like search, observability, and security. The system includes all necessary hardware, networking, support, and software for a simple, one-step deployment.

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“We understand how essential search is to any organization’s analytics program, and by using Elasticsearch, PSSC Labs is able to provide a tool that meets the needs of government agencies and enterprises alike.”
George Young
VP of Public Sector, Elastic

Use Cases

Search. Observe. Protect.

SIEM and Cybersecurity

Enterprise search

Geospatial Analytics

Real-time situational awareness

Data Security

Endpoint security

IT Modernization

Internet of Things
Threat hunting


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Alex Lesser
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