Truly Turnkey Range Safety Analysis Solution

Understand and prepare for risks with the PowerWulf ACTA Cluster.

In partnership with ACTA LLC, PSSC Labs offers the PowerWulf ACTA Cluster. The only high performance computing platform certified compatible with ACTA LLC’s Range Risk Analysis Tool (RRAT) predictive analysis software. RRAT calculates and displays hazards and risks due to spacecraft and missile planned and malfunction debris. Being able to predict and account for these risks is one of the ways our government and commercial clients greatly reduce the risks to potentially-affected people, structures, and vehicles.

The PowerWulf ACTA Cluster

When reliability matters most

As more and more organizations schedule vehicle launches, PSSC Labs understand the critical nature of these systems remaining 100% operational. That is why we are so very proud that the PowerWulf ACTA Cluster is currently deployed across the US to protect our citizens and air space.

Key Features

“Only PSSC Labs PowerWulf ACTA Clusters are certified compatible with ACTA’s Range Risk Analysis Tool (RRAT) application.”
James Hudson
President, ACTA Inc.

Satisfied Clients

We have deployed turnkey our PowerWulf ACTA Clusters to many companies including:

U.S. Air Force
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America's Navy

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Sean PSSC Labs

Sean Bradley
Solutions Architect