Real Time Streaming Analytics Platform

Built for performance. Built to scale.

The CyberRax DataFlow Pipeline platform is designed in conjunction with Cloudera to deliver an on-premise, turnkey environment for all your data streaming needs. Certified compatible with Cloudera Dataflow (and Apache NiFi), CyberRax DataFlow Pipeline provides high-speed data ingestion, edge data collection, and IoT scale streaming data processing…in real time.

The CyberRax DataFlow Pipeline

Real time data movement without compromise

High volume data collection at the edge requires more than just a box and some software. It requires a purpose built platform built to perform and built to scale.  If you need to process several million transactions per second, identify key patterns, compare against machine learning modes and offer predictive analytics, CyberRax DataFlow Pipeline is the only choice.

Key Features

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James Marcus
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Satisfied Clients

We have deployed turnkey our CloudOOP Rax Enterprise Data Lakes (large and small) to many companies including:
IAS Integra Ad Science

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Paul Green
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