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No matter what problem we’re trying to solve or innovation we’re trying to achieve, we build from our foundation. Our foundation at PSSC Labs is High Performance Computing. We built our company on early innovations in HPC and more than 25 years later, we continue to be guided by your innovations and demands.

Working with some of the world’s most demanding institutions, our mission is to provide the infrastructure you and your team need to solve complex, game-changing problems or actionable insight that makes the world a better and safer place for all of us.

The PowerWulf ZXR1+ HPC Cluster

The right foundation for your future discoveries.

Effective HPC systems have to be responsive to the problems its being asked to process. For us, that means we focus our attention on your work, your desired outcomes, and the set of applications you’re using to achieve them. Working with you through Discovery and Intelligent Design, we’re able to design and build YOUR HPC platform, optimized for YOUR outcomes.

Key Features


Introducing PowerWulf ZXR1+ advanced computing solution


How Shearwater Technology quadrupled its capabilities with the PSSC Labs PowerWulf ZXR1+ HPC Cluster


CBeST Software Overview

“PSSC’s clusters are extremely easy to use. Once installed, we were able to begin using them immediately. Their CBeST cluster management toolkit allows me to focus on my work.”
Richard Crouse
CFD Research Scientist, Northrop Grumman

It’s not about what WE do.

It’s about what YOU do.

Traditional architects design structures; they don’t mill lumber or fix construction tools.

Doctors interpret the results of MRIs and develop treatment programs; they don’t figure out how the MRI works.

And you, you and your team deliver actionable insight to the client and communities you serve; not stare at a cluster of computer servers wondering how to get it to work.

And this is exactly our mission in life – to be your achieve-my-goals partner; you focus on your work, we’ll handle the rest. Below are just some of the amazing companies and organizations we’re proud to work with.



Earth Sciences, Energy, Oil & Gas

U.S. Department of Agriculture
U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

Engineering & Manufacturing

America's Navy

Federal Government

U.S. Army
U.S. Air Force

Higher Education

Harvard University
Stanford University

Life Sciences & Healthcare


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Kurtis Henderson

Kurtis Henderson
Solutions Architect