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We’ve worked with hundreds of university professors and research institutes over the past 25 years and the breadth and scope of research continues to expand. One of the ongoing challenges we see is the effort professors and executive directors have to make just to fund their research.

Among the ways PSSC Labs supports higher education is by extending our support to become true partners. That means we begin our discovery process with you to clearly identify your computing needs – specific to your field of study and scope of research. This allows us to design and optimize your system for performance. We also provide a truly turnkey support process – from software testing and optimization to delivery and installation, as well as ongoing technical support.

You’re driven to advance your field of study. We’ve built our business to ensure you spend your time and effort on your work rather than on computing systems.

More recently, we’ve been able to help universities consolidate and improve their HPC capabilities, allowing individual researchers to benefit from a shared HPC resource – all while providing researchers with the control and confidence they need to deliver results.

With the need for ever more complex models and simulations to broader and more diverse data sets, please take a few minutes to learn more about our high-performance servers and turnkey cluster solutions.

Or better yet, call one of our Solutions Architects today, so we can learn more about your vision and how we can help you achieve it.

“I will continue to recommend PSSC as our HPC provider. I think there is great benefit to working with a single vendor during the lifetime of a cluster and in the end time, frustration, and costs are usually minimized.”
Michael Acierno
IT/IS Manager, Carnegie Institute of Science

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Harvard University
Stanford University
Carnegie Science
U.C. Berkeley
UC San Diego
University of Dayton
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Florida International University
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University of Texas at Austin
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Contact one of our Solutions Architects today so we can discuss your vision and how to achieve it.

Michael Silverman
Michael Silverman
Solution Architect

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