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Powered by the Cloudera Cybersecurity Platform (CCP), CyberRax, our cybersecurity solution, provides a truly turn-key Cognitive SIEM equipped for user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA), threat hunting, and historical data visualization. CyberRax easily scales to multi-Petabytes to meet your organization’s growing security needs.

PSSC Labs’ partnership with Cloudera, Elysium Analytics, and Zoomdata provides the first open source, highly scalable, turn-key, and cost effective cybersecurity appliance.

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“By incorporating a bundled cybersecurity appliance that ingests, processes, and provides data in real-time, CyberRax empowers public sector agencies to make more informed decisions and improve the overall cyber hygiene of their organizations.”
Shaun Bierweiler
Shaun Bierweiler
Vice President and General Manager, Public Sector at Cloudera

Detect. Investigate. Respond.

Capabilities that mean threats have nowhere to hide.

With open source machine-learning and AI technologies, CyberRax delivers intuitive analytics from cloud security and compliance reporting to endpoint protection, user and entity baselining, and vulnerability detection.

User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)

No more legacy SIEM systems, Elysium UEBA applies powerful, sophisticated machine learning algorithms to yield actionable insights into user and entity activities within the network. This reduces false positives and gives analysts actionable information.

Threat Hunting

Interactive security notebooks (such as Zeppelin and Jupyter) provide insight and action on anomalies within your environment. Each notebook is purpose-built with a self-contained workflow for specific use cases. Powered by Zoomdata visualization tool for faster data exploration.

Insider Threat Detection

Some users are being compromised without their knowledge, while others might be acting deliberately. Elysium keeps a baseline for every user in the organization and calculates deviation from baseline to each user’s own history and to the rest of the community.

Compliance Reporting

A pre-tuned set of reports and rules enable quick rollout and provide fast access to non-compliant systems through interactive notebooks (playbooks) with adaptive workflow.
Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)
User-created shadow IT solutions are exploited by attackers. Elysium monitors cloud resources to detect shadow IT, penetration, and suspicious activity.


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