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CloudOOP Rax – Connecting Your Data with Invaluable Insights

No data analytics, data mining, or machine learning workload is too large for our big data storage cluster, the CloudOOP Rax. With our SQL server big data clusters deployed at Fortune 500 companies across the country, we’ve yet to see a big data cluster project that the CloudOOP Rax can’t handle. All our big data cluster solutions are compatible with popular applications like Cloudera, HDFS and Apache Hadoop, while still offering the ultimate flexibility and control.

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HPC system

Key Features

Integrated High Performance Components​

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Custom built and ready to tackle multiple use cases.

Enterprise Data Warehouse
Data in Motion
Kubernetes Containerized Environments
Analytics and Machine Learning
Internet of Things (IoT)

Enterprise Data Warehouse

Store and access your structured, filtered data with our big data cluster for your enterprise data warehouse, without fear of gaps in security, reliability, or performance.

Data in Motion

Real time data movement without compromise. Avoid astronomical transfer costs with our Big Data Cluster product line built with the reliability and performance you need.

Kubernetes Containerized Environments

A large, rapidly growing data ecosystem needs the right big data cluster. Our Kubernetes enterprise-ready platform built specifically for Big Data applications and workloads is the key to success.


Equipped for user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA), threat hunting, and historical data visualization, the CyberRax appliance is the Big Data Cluster you need for your organization’s growing cybersecurity needs.

Analytics and Machine Learning

Our Big Data Clusters are ideal for meeting the requirements of machine learning (ML) and ML algorithms. While traditional models won’t fit the bill, we make sure you don’t have to choose between scalability and processing power.

Internet of Things (IoT)

With everything interconnected, data is moving all around us at ever increasing rates and volumes. Our Big Data Clusters can scale to meet any data capacity without compromising performance.

We are skilled architects of HPC, AI and Big Data workflows.

Our 25+ years of knowledge and experience help design bespoke computers for your specific needs. Our machines are used around the world and are custom for a reason. They provide the absolute best performance and reliability per your budget.

  • On-premise technology custom made for you.
  • You own it. You control it.
  • Dollar for dollar the absolute best performance & reliability.
  • Security on your terms, you hold the key
  • Personal service when you need it – no bots here.
I will continue to recommend PSSC as our HPC provider. I think there is great benefit to working with a single vendor during the lifetime of a cluster and in the end time, frustration, and costs are usually minimized.
Michael Acierno
IT/IS Manager, Carnegie Institute of Science
  • Designed and engineered in California. Sold and supported worldwide.

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