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While PSSC Labs has been in business for more than 30 years, we’re more focused on how dedicated and knowledgeable our current associates are. Our commitment to you is more about our future together than on how long our company has been in business. More than most industries, ours moves fast…and continues to accelerate innovation.

How does this impact who we are?


…and employ people who are curious and adaptable.


…and seek those who recommend and deliver what’s best for our customers, not necessarily what’s best for us.


…committed to the larger vision our customers hold for a better world.

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“Thank you, as always, for your awesome customer support. PSSC really is great. Working with you all is distinctly different. Don't ever change. Standby. It may be a few. There is a lot of competition for his time. Thank you for your patience.”
Greg Funk
Future Technologies Inc. (FTI)
Contractor Supporting the Armed Forces Medical Examiner System (AFMES)

All in the U.S.


Responsive. Committed. Secure.

  • All of our manufacturing, integration, and support are performed in California, USA.
  • We work with clients to build their computing platforms from business needs analysis and hardware architecture through application-level requirements.
  • We provide continuity of support through our PSSC Single-Point-of-Contact structure.

Company History

PSSC Labs founder Larry Lesser enters high performance computing arena armed with three Engineering degrees from Boston University and Columbia University. Mr. Lesser plays critical role in Boeing's prestigious Missile to the Moon program, focusing on software development.
Mr. Lesser, in conjunction with other industry experts and Caltech's High Energy Lab, starts company developing early message passing software language. Language runs on state of the art computers including Intel's Paragon, multi-headed Cray supercomputers, nCube, transputer systems and various other MPP supercomputers.
PSSC Labs incorporated in the state of California. PSSC Labs' mission is to bring a superior level of service and support to a commodity based industry. PSSC Labs offers an alternative to the traditional computer company by focusing on problem solving using open source software and commodity hardware.
PSSC Labs launches PowerWulf Cluster line of supercomputers. It is the world's first commodity based supercomputer offering alternative to traditional closed platform, expensive systems. First PowerWulf Cluster delivery to University of California, Irvine; considered fastest computer in Orange County, California.
PSSC Labs completes development of "CBeST", the Complete Beowulf Cluster Toolkit used to manage, monitor, maintain and upgade PowerWulf Clusters. Deliveries of PowerWulf Cluster to major institutions including Harvard, MIT, US Department of Defense & NASA. PSSC Labs nears milestone 100th PowerWulf Cluster delivery.
PSSC Labs develops RaidStation Storage Solutions (RSS) to work in conjunction with their supercomputers, workstations and servers. RSS offers storage capacity at a fraction of the cost of other vendors and can be connected via network or direct attached fiber.
The company delivers 300th PowerWulf Cluster to the US Army's Redstone Arsenal facility. This 1000+ Processor Core supercomputer is vital to Javelin weapons system program. Other notable deliveries include large PowerWulf Clusters for NASA (used to study Columbia Space Shuttle crash), Northrop Grumman Space Program and Harvard Medical School.
PSSC Labs continues to grow and provide supercomputers, storage systems, workstations and servers to several industry vertical markets. PowerWulf Clusters can now be found almost every major US research university. Company adds key industry veterans and celebrates 3rd year in wholly owned manufacturing and development facility.
Roche Diagnostics Organization awards PSSC Labs contract to deliver the world's first supercomputer appliance. PowerWulf GS FLX Titanium Cluster will be used for next generation genome sequencing. Deliveries to major life science research organizations in 36 countries make PSSC Labs the world's leading provider of turn key supercomputers and storage systems for life science research.
First company to deliver 1000th cluster system. PowerWulf Clusters now play critical role in life science, design & engineering, weather modeling and cloud computing. PSSC Labs releases, PowerServe Duo T2000 servers, the world's eco-friendliest computing platform (55% recyclable material and 90+% efficient power supplies). Selected by leading cloud computing companies because of the servers' ease of use, flexible design & lowest total cost of ownership.
Delivers massive PowerWulf Cluster to Western Kentucky University (WKU). WKU selects PSSC Labs after thorough evaluation of every leading computer manufacturer. PSSC Labs stands out as most knowledgeable, most experienced and best able to deliver supercomputing solution. PSSC Labs is only tier 1 manufacturer to develop and support complete solution including cluster management system and tier 1 support.
Introduces high density, enterprise ready CloudOOP 12000 Big Data Server platform for Hadoop. This revolutionary server is certified compatible with Cloudera® Enterprise 5, Hortonworks® HDP 2.x and Mapr® M7. PSSC Labs has deployed the CloudOOP 12000 for several large clusters, in a variety of industries and use cases.
Completes deployment of world wide advertising cloud for OpenX. Capable of handling billions of transactions per second, the OpenX cloud maintains a consistent 99.5%+ allowing OpenX to scale their business at a fraction of the cost of their competitors.
PSSC Labs moves into the Enterprise Computing space with new products and new customers in Cybersecurity, Ad Technology and Healthcare. Company sees nearly 200% increase in overall server shipments.
Company eclipses 100 PByte+ of Hadoop specific storage shipments. Largest deployment exceeds 10+ PBytes. New products include Parallux Storage Cluster and Cumulus Private Cloud.

We are skilled architects of HPC, AI and Big Data workflows.

Our 25+ years of knowledge and experience help design bespoke computers for your specific needs. Our machines are used around the world and are custom for a reason. They provide the absolute best performance and reliability per your budget.

  • On-premise technology custom made for you.
  • You own it. You control it.
  • Dollar for dollar the absolute best performance & reliability.
  • Security on your terms, you hold the key
  • Personal service when you need it – no bots here.
"I will continue to recommend PSSC as our HPC provider. I think there is great benefit to working with a single vendor during the lifetime of a cluster and in the end time, frustration, and costs are usually minimized."
Michael Acierno
IT/IS Manager, Carnegie Institute of Science
  • Designed and engineered in California. Sold and supported worldwide.

    We are honored to work with the world’s most innovative companies solving the problems that will shape tomorrow.  Please connect with us to see how we can engineer a solution just for you.

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