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Building accurate weather modeling forecasts requires your expertise and experience. And it begins with basic, human questions. What’s at stake? What do we need in our weather forecast that protects our communities and saves lives? Before you can implement your weather model, PSSC Labs asks the same kind of basic questions when it comes to hosting your weather model on the right computer platform. What types of data capture equipment do you need and how does it deliver the data? What types and how many sources does your weather model need to perform its analysis? And, finally, how and what kind of data visualization does your model require?

PSSC Labs is committed to this level of proven experience in your industry and expertise in systems design, manufacturing, and implementation needed to ensure your weather model performs as you’ve designed it. We focus on providing an ultra-reliable, extreme-scale platform designed for your needs.

Government agencies, public utilities, and research organizations rely on our expertise to realize their goals for mitigating and managing risk associated with severe weather and the effects of climate change.

PowerWulf ZXR1+ HPC Cluster for Weather Modeling

Your data never worked so hard.

Weather modeling applications, such as WRF, have specific requirements. The ZXR1+ is a popular WRF cluster that provides the critical building blocks your model needs – such as high-speed network interconnects, large amounts of memory per processor core, and faster processors. More than our machines, our solutions are certified compatible with applications such as WRF. Our engineers pre-install and configure your WRF cluster, or any other application, to ensure a truly plug-and-play experience.

With PSSC Labs on-premise PowerWulf ZXR1+ Weather Modeling Cluster – you’re in control. Deliver on time, on budget, and with confidence.

Key Features of PowerWulf ZXR1+ HPC Clusters for Weather Modeling

This model, taken from the Angeles National Forest, shows the necessity of resolving terrain issues.


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Implementing a Numerical Weather Model Case Study

“Weather models require specialized computer hardware. With millions of calculations done across a territory, many of them must be done in parallel. Collaborating with PSSC Labs has allowed me to develop and deliver ready-to-go compute clusters that are tailored to my clients’ needs.”
Scott Capps
Scott Capps
Ph.D., Atmospheric Data Solutions

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Sempra Energy
SC Edison
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
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Kurtis Henderson
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