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With all due respect to industry jargon, we’d like to resist the urge to explain how data lakes are next-generation, hybrid data management solutions. Chances are you already know that their scalable environment supports extremely large data volumes and that data lakes are particularly efficient because they accept data in its native format from a variety of data sources. There’s a lot more jargon out there describing the benefits of implementing a data lake across your enterprise.
What we DO want to say about data lakes is that we believe in their value to organizations enough that we’ve designed the CloudOOP Rax Enterprise Data Lake to make your data lake experience as smooth and cost efficient as possible. The CloudOOP Rax Enterprise Data Lake comes customized to your environment and delivered production ready with all necessary hardware, software, integration and support, saving you significantly in capital expenditure and operating expenses.

The CloudOOP Rax Enterprise Data Lake

Built for the Next Generation Enterprise

Building, deploying and operating a data lake can be a painful and expensive process.  The CloudOOP Rax Enterprise Data Lake eliminates all of the hassles and reduces expenses.  Each solution is built for your specific needs and budget.

Key Features

“Certification of the CloudOOP Platform on Cloudera Enterprise ensures customers have the most innovative data management technology available.”
Tim Stevens
Tim Stevens
Vice President, Cloudera

What does it mean for me?

Enterprise Data Lakes are designed and powered to accomplish some very specific and valuable functions for your organization.




Streamline data preparation and access

Reduce time and cost spent on data preparation.

Your CloodOOP Data Lake stores data in its original format. Standard practice for any data management system is ETL (Extract, Transform, Load). The data lake allows you to switch this process to an EL…T process – meaning you can simply extract and load all of your data and decide later when, if, or how you want to transform the data for future analytics needs.

Reduce IT and warehouse costs
Simplify your storage needs.
This is related to streamlining, above, but the benefit here includes the ability to store the data before needing to define use cases in order to validate the schema (the work of the “T” in ETL) is correct. With your CloudOOP Enterprise Data Lake, you can do this additional work on an as-needed basis. Very efficient.
Improve data-driven decisions
Access broader, deeper data sets to perform your analysis.
Because the data lake is set up to catalog data from across your entire enterprise, the data lake allows you to query the data “where it lives” rather than only data that has been prepared in a traditional data warehouse.

Industry Use Cases

Anyone need less data to do their job? We didn’t think so.

Key Industries

Use Case

Function / Value

Earth Sciences, Energy, Oil & Gas

Life Sciences & Healthcare

Engineering & Manufacturing

1. Data Ingestion

2. Experimental analysis

3. Advanced analytics support

  1. Ingestion of data from a wide variety of sources (i.e., equipment readings, historical data, geographical data, etc.)
  2. Establish “proof of value” for key data sets through experimental analysis.
  3. Data scientists and analysts can provision and experiment with data to improve production-level analytics.

Federal Government

Financial Services

Higher Education

1. Archival and historical data storage

2. Preparation for data warehousing

3. Storage of all organizational data

  1. For infrequently used data that, nevertheless, needs to be available for analysis.
  2. Provides a staging area for preparing data to move to a data warehouse.
  3. Supports downstream reporting and analysis. Helps to achieve the goal of storing as much data as possible to support any type of analysis that could yield valuable findings.

Satisfied Clients

We have deployed turnkey our CloudOOP Rax Enterprise Data Lakes (large and small) to many companies including:
IAS Integra Ad Science

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Kurtis Henderson

Kurtis Henderson
Solutions Architect