Snapshot Case Study: How a Leading Supersonic Jet Manufacturer Overcame Astronomical Cloud Computing Costs

*For the purpose of anonymity, we’ll be referring to this customer as Company Supersonic.

Company Supersonic is a leading supersonic jet manufacturer in the United States, with an organizational focus on sustainable innovation and connectedness. With a desire to engineer the next evolution of sustainable travel, the client worked closely with PSSC Labs to acquire the necessary technology and HPC equipment to achieve this goal.

BUSINESS CHALLENGE: Reduce Cloud Computing Costs

Company Supersonic has relied on popular HPC providers for some time. When it came time for the expansion of their HPC resources, the client evaluated several options, including popular cloud HPC simulation providers. However, working with a limited budget and aggressive timelines, the client felt that deployment on the cloud would leave them handcuffed with no means of escaping the ever-increasing, sky high costs. The client determined that cloud computing didn’t make sense for an organization that was looking to grow and expand operations, as costs associated with expanding cloud usage would only hinder the venture-backed organization. This prompted key decision makers to research HPC computing alternatives, ultimately landing on the decision to purchase an on-premise HPC cluster.

As a venture-backed organization, Company Supersonic had a limited budget to work with and needed flexible payment options, so finding a vendor that was willing to work within their constraints was of the utmost importance. Fortunately, PSSC Labs was able to help by designing a fixed budget leasing agreement that allows the client to favorably manage their cash flow while seeking additional funding. As both the manufacturer and financing provider, PSSC Labs demonstrated strong financial standing and overwhelming willingness to work with its customers no matter the constraints.

In addition to an ability to offer flexible financing terms, PSSC Labs focuses on engaging with the client throughout the entire sales process. Listening and learning about the specific computing needs and requirements allows PSSC Labs to custom engineer HPC solutions that will satisfy today’s requirements and expand to meet tomorrow’s computing challenges. It was this level of engagement and an open line of communication that ultimately made PSSC Labs the right partner.

SOLUTION:  The PSSC Labs Approach

PSSC Labs is working closely with the IT department and data center provider to ensure a seamless delivery. The goal was to ease the deployment of the system as much as possible and get into production almost immediately, and that’s exactly what was done. With a tight timeframe, PSSC Labs turned around the entire cluster in just four weeks.

This is just one of the many examples of PSSC Labs helping design and engineering companies overcome common challenges. From budgetary and time constraints to a lack of internal IT resources, PSSC Labs is here to help clients save on computing costs and accomplish their business objectives.  

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