PSSC Labs Launches Daedalus Enterprise Search Appliance


LAKE FOREST, CALIF., FEB 03, 2020 — PSSC Labs, a developer of custom High Performance Computing and Big Data computing solutions, today, announced the launch of its new platform, the Daedalus Enterprise Search Appliance. The Daedalus Enterprise Search Appliance is a turnkey, high performance computing platform powered by Elastic and certified compatible with Elastic Cloud Enterprise (ECE), which allows users to centrally manage and monitor their Elasticsearch deployments for use cases like search, observability, and security. The system includes all necessary hardware, networking, support, and software for a simple, one-step deployment.

PSSC Labs allows for the ability to upgrade all system components including processor cores, memory, and network backplane. Available storage is built into the Daedalus Enterprise Search Appliance. The system is designed to scale and grow along with an organization’s computing needs. Starting at under $200,000 USD, Daedalus Enterprise Search Appliance allows companies to start using the powerful search, observability, and security tools built by Elastic without a large capital investment.

“We chose Elasticsearch as the foundation of the platform because it offers the flexibility and simplicity other application packages do not. With Elastic, everything is included in one simple per node price. This means companies can utilize the high-performance Elastic Stack for a variety of workloads including log analysis, cybersecurity, simple distributed storage, geospatial data analysis, and other concepts that are still yet to be discovered,” said Alex Lesser, PSSC Labs Vice President.

“We are excited about the opportunity to work with PSSC to build the Daedalus Enterprise Search Appliance,” said George Young, Vice President of Public Sector at Elastic. “We understand how essential search is to any organization’s analytics program, and by using Elasticsearch, PSSC Labs is able to provide a tool that meets the needs of government agencies and enterprises alike.”

The PSSC Labs mission is to deliver reliable, high performance, and truly turnkey solutions that enable organizations to perform necessary analytics tasks without giving up control of their data. PSSC Labs believes the Daedalus Enterprise Search Appliance is the ideal choice for defense agencies, intelligence agencies, and medium and large enterprises. The fixed cost of the platform and added security and performance guarantee make the Daedalus Enterprise Search Appliance a competitive on-premise, hybrid cloud solution.


Elastic Search Appliance

Daedalus Enterprise Search Appliance Tech Specs

  • 3 Director Nodes, 3 Proxy Nodes, 2 Hot Allocator Nodes & 2 Warm Allocator 
  • 20.7 TB Total High Performance Enterprise Flash Storage
    • 3.2 TB High Performance Enterprise NVME Storage on Hot Allocator Notes
    • 17.5 TB High Performance Enterprise Flash Storage on Warm Allocator Nodes 
    • Includes 1 Replica for High Availability of Hot and Warm Storage
  • 80 Total Intel Xeon Scalable CPU Cores
  • 704 GB Total High Performance ECC Registered Memory
  • 6 x Elastic Cloud Enterprise Subscriptions
  • 10 GigE High Performance Network Backplane
  • Management & Monitoring Network Included
  • Rack & power Infrastructure Included
  • Red Hat Linux Operating System 

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