PSSC Labs Announces Integration of Intel Omni-Path into HPC Solutions

New fabric provides higher performance, lower cost and better support for current and future processors


PSSC Labs, a developer of custom HPC and Big Data computing solutions, today announced it has certified the Intel Omni-Path High Performance Fabric on its PowerWulf HPC solutions. Omni-Path is already a proven solution deployed and deployed in several high-performance computing instillations that are ranked in the Top 500 List. This additional option will continue to expand PSSC Lab’s wide array of high value, high performance HPC solutions.

For years, the Mellanox Infiniband has dominated high performance fabric in the parallel computing space. Intel’s Omni-Path architecture is a game changing technology that increases speed and performance, at a cost lower than the Mellanox counterpart. By integrating Intel Omni-Path Fabric into its PowerWulf solutions, PSSC Labs continues its mission of providing cutting edge solutions that push the boundaries of price and performance, while maintaining the absolute highest level of application support and system reliability.

“PSSC Labs is proud to offer our solutions with the latest Intel technology, providing our customers with the highest level of performance and stability,” said Alex Lesser, Vice President of PSSC Labs. “PSSC Labs is an Intel HPC Data Center Specialist and has been a Platinum Provider with Intel since 2009, and our knowledge and experience is what allows us to incorporate the best in Intel Technology with our leading turn-key, custom HPC solutions.”

Benefits of the Omnipath Processor compared to Mellanox Infiniband include: 

  • Omni-Path clusters have up to 9% higher application performance than Infiniband
  • Omni-Path is up to 33% less expensive than Infiniband
  • Omni-Path is compatible with applications currently supported by Infiniband
  • Direct connection to the CPU in Future generations of Intel Xeon and Phi processors, thereby eliminating the cost and latency of a host bus adapter.
  • Higher bandwidth support with up to 100 Gbps

PSSC Lab’s PowerWulf HPC solutions offer a reliable, flexible, high performance computing platform for a variety of applications in the following verticals: Design & Engineering, Life Sciences, Physical Science, Financial Services and Machine/Deep Learning.

Every PowerWulf HPC Cluster with Intel Omni-Path includes a three year unlimited phone / email support package (additional year support available) with all support provided by our US based team of experienced engineers. Prices for a custom built PowerWulf solution start at $20,000. For more information see


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