PSSC Labs Announces New RAID Storage Calculator

LAKE FOREST, CALIF., June 23, 2021 – PSSC Labs, a leading developer of artificial intelligence (AI), high performance computing (HPC) and big data computing solutions, today announced the launch of their AI-driven RAID Disk Space Calculator. RAID, which stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disks, is a method of combining several hard drives into one unit. By determining the best RAID configuration this allows computer hardware solutions to be configured that offer fault tolerance and higher throughput levels than a single hard drive or group of independent hard drives.  This is especially necessary for highly technical solutions like those needed for weather modeling such as those needed for hurricane predictions and other potential weather threats and forecasting.  Other solutions that can benefit from RAID calculators are artificial intelligence (AI), high performance computing, and high throughput genomics systems, among many others.

The RAID calculator consists of three critical inputs – number of anticipated disks, size of each disk (TBs), and the preferred RAID configuration. When entered, the users can then see the Total Available Storage given those three inputs. Options for the RAID configuration include:

This configuration requires either a disk quantity greater than one or a disk size greater than 1TB.

The only allowable number of disks in a RAID 1 configuration is 2 disks. However, disks can still have various storage allowances.


RAID 5 requires a minimum of 3 disks. Disks can have various storage allowances.


RAID 5 requires a minimum of 4 disks. Disks can have various storage allowances.


RAID 5 requires a minimum of 4 disks. Disks can have various storage allowances.


RAID 5 requires a minimum of 6 disks. Disks can have various storage allowances.


RAID 5 requires a minimum of 8 disks. Disks can have various storage allowances.

Given the complexity of RAID configuration, the team at PSSC LABS can also assist you with your unique RAID Calculation for your technology requirements.  To use the new AI-driven RAID Calculator and to determine which RAID configuration is right for your technology needs click here.

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