HPC / AI Servers Powered by AMD EPYC Processor

Accelerate your workloads with next gen AMD EPYC CPUs

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Unmatched processing power utilizing AMD EPYC CPUs to solve the most demanding problems.

Achieve groundbreaking speed and performance with AMD EPYC™ CPU options, offering the highest level performance, reliability and scalability. Your custom-built AMD EPYC™ HPC (High Performance Computing) / AI server will be no match for even your most complex computing workloads.

Benefits of the AMD EPYC™ Processor for HPC & AI Servers

  • Up to 128 Processor Cores Supporting 256 Threads which make it a perfect fit for HPC and AI Servers
  • Ultra-fast CPU clock speeds up to 3.7GHz and Max Boost speeds up to 4.1GHz
  • Eight-channel memory controller per processor with support for DDR4 memory speeds up to 3200MHz
  • Industry’s First PCI Express 4.0 Support
  • High speed networking with ultra-low latency using Mellanox® and Solarflare®
  • Certified compatible with hundreds of applications, including RapidMiner and TensorFlow

The AMD EPYC™ Processor is a great addition to the PSSC Labs family of HPC and AI solutions. PSSC Labs is focused around providing custom, on-premise HPC solutions that are designed to meet our clients’ unique enterprise computing challenges.

PowerServe Uniti Servers

PowerServe Uniti Blade

Stripped down AI, ML, HPC performance that also doubles as a great Docker, Kubernetes container platform.

PowerServe Uniti G4000

Compact platform for GPU support.

PowerServe Uniti G10000

Our server platforms support up to two physical processors with high core counts and clock speeds.

PowerServe Uniti HGX

Unique platform built to reach new heights in the AI and ML performance spaces using 8 A100 GPUs connected via SXM4.

SureStore Storage Servers

SureStore Storage Server U1000

Small form factor for small / medium storage requirements up to 40TB.

SureStore Storage Server U2000

Highly flexible platform for 50TB to 200TB storage arrays.

SureStore Storage Server U4000HD

Eclipse any storage requirements with a simple solution that accommodates up to 500TBs in a single server.

We are skilled engineers and architects of HPC, AI and Big Data workflows.

Our 25+ years of knowledge and experience drive our passion to deliver the highest performance and most reliable computing solutions possible. People who are serious about their computing needs understand the power of controlling their data.

  • Custom engineered solutions designed for your needs, application and budget.
  • Consistent performance when you need it. No more waiting in a queue.
  • Security on your terms. You hold the key.
  • No more surprise monthly bills that deplete your budget.
  • Cradle to grave support from engineers that hand-built your solution.


“I will continue to recommend PSSC as our HPC provider. I think there is great benefit to working with a single vendor during the lifetime of a cluster and in the end time, frustration, and costs are usually minimized.”
Michael Acierno
IT/IS Manager, Carnegie Institute of Science
Customer rating PSSC Labs
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