Architects and Makers

Focus on your work. We’ll handle the rest.

We’re ARCHITECTS and MAKERS of high-performance computing systems. Our focus is providing turnkey, on-premises deployments for organizations that rely on AI, HPC, Machine Learning and other compute-intensive platforms to do their work.

We’re committed to open source platforms and applications, installed and integrated into our clients’ data management systems.

PSSC Labs works with you through a three-part strategy to ensure our solutions deliver short- and long-term success to you and your organization.

First, we cover our standard-setting Discovery Process – working with a dedicated Solutions Architect, we learn about your goals and required deliverables, the nature and scope of your data management needs, as well as other aspects of your operations.
Integrated Solutions
Next, we cover the range and functionality of our Integrated Solutions – applying what we learn through discovery, we custom-design and build a computing system specific to your needs and consistent with best practices within your industry or area of expertise. We also ensure that our solutions are delivered ready to work.
Strategic Partnerships
In some cases, there is opportunity to form Strategic Partnerships to create an efficient and effective, scalable business model to serve your customers. These are an integral part of how we deliver value to both our customers and the markets they serve.