President Joe Biden Signs Buy American Executive Order

Early this year, President Biden signed an Executive order designed to ensure that federal government agencies buy more goods and services produced in the United States. The Executive order comes from the President’s campaign promises to resuscitate the ailing domestic manufacturing industry, one of the industries hit hardest in the storm of COVID-19.

What American Manufacturers Can Expect

According to the White House, the order allows for the creation of a website that will show the various government contracts that are being awarded to foreign vendors. An American business can then bid on the contract to notify the government that an American-made alternative is available. Calls to ramp-up the American manufacturing industry come in the aftermath of COVID-19, which in its early days, had left the U.S. with extremely limited supplies of materials needed to combat the viruses spread, including important personal protective equipment like masks and gloves as well as cleaning supplies and hand sanitizer.

Critics point out that potential issues always can arise with Executive orders of this nature, including higher costs for taxpayers, potential backlash from foreign nations, and an unlikeliness to bring home lost manufacturing jobs. But as a “Buy American” sentiment begins to make its way through the federal government, we can’t help but point out how significant it is for federal agencies to work with American-made equipment, particularly in the technology industry. The risks associated with purchasing electronics equipment from foreign vendors are potentially too high – cybersecurity and data privacy are just two of the issues that come to mind. Protecting your data can become much more difficult when you put its management into the hands of a foreign nation, something that U.S. federal agencies simply can’t afford to do.

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