PSSC Labs Cluster Management System, CBeST to Migrate to Ubuntu in Light of Recent CentOS Stream Announcements

When Red Hat®, Inc. announced in late 2020 that they would soon be releasing CentOS Stream, the tech community responded with an uproar of confusion and uncertainty. With many wondering about the future of their workloads and the expiration of their current operating system, solution providers like PSSC Labs have had to adapt to our clients’ needs. (Read more about CentOS Stream here).

In response to this operating system shift, we’re making a few changes to help. First, our CBeST Cluster Management Software Stack will now be compatible with Ubuntu. This will offer our clients a path out of their current CentOS/Red Hat environments without affecting their current scientific and computing applications. PSSC Labs will continue to support a truly open source cluster management environment with all of the same key features and benefits that have been present before.

Key features:

  • Operating System and BIOS performance optimizations tailored by CPU type (AMD®/Intel®)
  • Support for both Intel®, AMD®, NVIDIA® GPUs
  • NVIDIA® CUDA SDK software preinstalled
  • Multiple MPI platforms and versions installed by default
  • Environment Modules configuration. This will allow user environment customization to switch between different default MPI/application/compiler versions/environments.
  • Support for Cloud Bursting to Microsoft® Azure, Amazon® AWS and Google® Compute
  • Support for connecting to different parallel file systems including Gluster, Lustre, and Ceph
  • Support for Mellanox® InfiniBand up to 200 Gb/s and Intel® Omni-Path up to 100 Gb/s
  • Support for high speed ethernet standards 10/25/40/100 Gb/s.
  • Enhanced usability and management
  • Continued improvements on the build and use of slurm batch scheduler
  • Slurm customization, including support for GPUs and Quality of Service prioritizing
  • Slurm will allow support for bursting cloud deployment

Additionally, we offer various AI and HPC solutions that are compatible with several other operation system options, such as Microsoft® Windows® Server, Red Hat® Enterprise Linux, SUSE® Linux®, Ubuntu Linux, VMware® Linux, and more. Our HPC servers are designed to help you achieve your business objectives and overcome any potential roadblocks. For more information on our solutions, please contact us at or give us a call at (949) 380-7288.

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