The Dangers of Allowing The Cloud to Own Your Data

When it comes to the cloud and cloud data ownership, we feel that your data should remain your own digital property.  But before explaining our viewpoint, we feel it’s important to state that our intentions behind this article are not to analyze or evaluate the political viewpoints or actions of any political party. We merely seek to analyze what many cloud service providers seem to have been denying for years.  Sadly, we’ve seen that when you host your data with a third-party, you potentially sacrifice control of your content, and at worst, your business.

We saw a potential example of this happen in early 2021 when a major cloud provider cut off hosting services for a conservative social media alternative to Twitter, amid concerns that the platform could be promoting violence in the wake of the attack on the U.S. Capitol. This move by the cloud provider appeared to follow the decisions of tech giants Apple and Google to stop distributing the social network’s mobile apps.

This news hit the technology community with force, as it appeared to raise concerns from many companies who choose to host their application with cloud service providers. Could these companies, too, potentially lose their data at the drop of a hat (or perhaps say…little recourse)? If so, would the powers of big tech stop there?

While we recognize that this is an extreme scenario, our main message here is that many companies are now beginning to see the value in maintaining full-ownership and control of their data with dedicated High Performance Computing solutions that they own. Hosting data in a privately owned server as opposed to the Cloud not only provides potentially greater reliability and reduced costs, but perhaps better security. Your data is not privy to the decisions of third parties when privately hosted.

PSSC Labs builds systems just for companies like that – companies that want to keep sole control over their own technology. Our storage servers, AI/HPC servers, and more are built with security, performance, reliability, and the lowest total cost of ownership front of mind. To learn more about our products or our work to help our clients protect their data, please contact us at or (949) 380-7288.

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