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Over the past 25 years, PSSC Labs has helped researchers, scientists, network administrators, department heads, and others prepare grant proposals.

PSSC Labs has been working with researchers, scientists, and others prepare technology grant proposals for more than 25 years and we can help you. We can help you to prepare your grant proposal for a wide variety of grant programs, including the NSF and many other sources of HPC grant funding.

We will do everything we can to help you with the grant proposal process, including answering the following vital questions:

1.) Audience:  Who will be using the system and what are the specific needs that the system will address.  We will assist you in determining the best configuration for your needs and goals. You will save yourself headaches later on if you define the ideal HPC system during the grant-writing phase. Just imagine getting an HPC system that doesn’t meet all your needs. Or having to reissue an RFP simply because the system you described is not what you really need. Or missing out on the optimal technologies for your organization.

2.) Technology Specifications:  What are the latest HPC technologies and trends that I should consider for AI and Deep Learning. PSSC Labs works with all of the major providers of high performance computing including processors, motherboards, GPUs, and overall networking performance. PSSC Labs is knowledgeable about the latest technologies and can advise you as to the best configuration to meet your current and future needs.

3) Financial: I want to know how far my budget should go or how much I should specify in my grant proposal.  Can you give me an idea of a realistic grant request for my proposed HPC system?  While some providers will provide you with generic price lists the PSSC Labs team will discuss your specific needs and objectives and then work with you to determine what system will realistically meet your unique needs. Click here to start this process.  

4.) Grant Writing:  I need help with my grant request and knowing exactly how to communicate my High Performance Computing needs.  This is perhaps the biggest challenge when facing a grant proposal with an HPC component.  The PSSC Labs team has worked with numerous organizations that have been through this same process and we can help you create a system that effectively reaches your goals and objectives and then discuss how best to communicate this system in your grant proposal.

To start the grant process PSSC Labs team will provide a detailed quote detailing all the aspects of the HPC system including system options that we would recommend. Our quotes include all the key points you’ll need for your grant proposal including the physical details of the HPC system such as power and cooling requirements as well as hardware recommendations that will meet the stated goals of the grant proposal.

PSSC Labs is completely committed to the consultative process and will work with you to understand your unique needs and objectives and then we will work with you to determine the best HPC and HPC Cluster configuration for you. Determining the best system now will save you countless headaches in the future. Imagine not getting the system that meets all user needs. Or having to re-issue an RFP because the system you described is not, as it turns out, what you really need. Or missing out on the optimal technologies with options that will save you time, space, and budget.

To learn more about PSSC Labs and our grant assistance program please click here.

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