PSSC Labs Featured in TechRepublic: 4 steps to implementing high-performance computing for big data processing

If your company needs high-performance computing
for its big data, an in-house operation might work best. Here’s what you
need to know, including how high-performance computing and Hadoop

In the big data world, not every company needs high performance
computing (HPC), but nearly all who work with big data have adopted
Hadoop-style analytics computing.

The difference between HPC and Hadoop can be hard to distinguish because it is possible to run Hadoop analytics jobs on HPC gear, although not vice versa. Both HPC and Hadoop analytics use parallel processing of data, but in a Hadoop/analytics environment, data is stored on commodity hardware and distributed across multiple nodes of this hardware. In HPC, where the size of data files is much greater, data storage is centralized. HPC, because of the sheer volume of its files, also requires more expensive networking communications, such as Infiniband, because the size of the files it processes require high throughput and low latency.

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