Government Agencies Leverage New Technology for Data Flow

LAKE FOREST, CALIF., AUGUST 20, 2019 — PSSC Labs, a developer of custom High Performance Computing and Big Data computing solutions today shares how the CyberRax Data Flow Pipleline is helping various DOD organizations achieve their goals.

The Federal Government has spent decades collecting and storing huge data sets, covering everything from census and population records to crime reports and infrastructure data. The analytics retrieved from this data has assisted our government agencies in commissioning greater responsiveness and efficiencies at every level, making it truly invaluable to our society. Federal agencies simply can’t afford to suffer from computational roadblocks. Government servers need to be able to perform streaming analytics while also providing full control over their own data, especially when it comes to governance, security and performance.   

PSSC Labs, in partnership with Cloudera, is deploying the CyberRax Data Flow Pipeline as a truly turnkey system engineered specifically to meet the data transport needs and security requirements of Federal Agencies. The CyberRax Data Flow Pipeline comes complete with all necessary storage, network, operating system and application software including Cloudera Data Flow (CDF). CDF is built on top of Apache Nifi, a powerful and user-friendly data routing application originally developed by the National Security Agency (NSA). With CDF, users have the ability to create simple graphical models that direct data across multiple networks with all necessary data provenance required for the most secure environments.  

A Truly Turn-key Platform 

According to Alex Lesser, PSSC Labs Vice President, the real value of CyberRax Data Flow Pipeline is a production-ready platform out of the box. “What we see happening with the delivery of CyberRax Data Flow Pipeline is a significant reduction in time and cost, allowing federal agencies to see true value much sooner,” says Lesser. With 48 processor cores, 4 GB memory per core, 264TB RAW storage capacity and dual 10GigE network backplane, CyberRax Data Flow Pipeline can fulfill the most demanding environments. Federal agencies can leverage the engineering expertise of PSSC Labs high performance and high reliability platform. That’s why it only makes sense that government agencies including NASA, NIH, DOD and many more have partnered with PSSC Labs in an effort to quickly process, store, analyze and protect their massive amounts of data. 

The U.S. Air Force recently deployed several CyberRax Data Flow Pipelines for both their NIPR and SIPR networks. The goal of these deployments is to collect, transport, and distribute cybersecurity data from every Air Force installation worldwide on both NIPR and SIPR. This solution allows for data to be sent to multiple core locations and fed downstream to multiple cybersecurity tools for analysis. 

American Made

As an American manufacturer, PSSC Labs provides a level of security and trust that other foreign manufacturers simply lack. The CyberRax Data Flow Pipeline can be purchased via several contract vehicles including GSA, CHESS and NETCENTS. PSSC Labs is already working closely with Department of Defense agencies to help them achieve their operational mandate to ingest and direct data from disparate sources all with the required security provisions out of the box. We know that government servers need to be 100% operational at all time, without sacrificing speed, analytics, or security, which is why our team of engineers is available for support for the lifetime of your system.

About PSSC Labs 

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